Blocksport & Singularity NFT Ticket Airdrop Campaign is LIVE now.

Reward pool: 1000 Genesis Singularity NFTs and 5000 BSPT tokens.

Get up to 1 NFT for participation and an additional BSPT bonus for NFTs with a special signature.

Each NFT has a different name tag. Holding NFT with name tags…

We are happy to announce Aaron Borg, our new Brand Ambassador in the Oceania region and in the Motorsports vertical.

This is what Aaron said on his appointment:

Being directly involved in sports, I understand that fans and sponsors are vital. These fans and sponsors rely on things like social…

Blocksport cooperates with world-renowned Sport or Esport clubs to issue fan tokens for these cooperative clubs. Fans holding fan tokens can participate and make club-related important decisions.

What is Fan Token?

Fan Tokens are digital assets that represent your ownership of a voting right and give you access to earn…

Following our rapid global expansion, we are recruiting ambassadors from all around the world. We will choose 10 from all the participants acting as Blocksport Pilots, looking forward to everyone who is enthusiastic about Blocksport joining us!

As an Blocksport Pilot, you will be working closely with the Blocksport team…

Our official Contract Address is:


1.Open the Blocksport NFT Website:

2.Click the ‘Buy now’ or ‘Buy BSPT’ in the image will open the google form url of the private sale

4.Please fill the form ,then click ‘submit’ button. …

If we ever get to predict the future and guess what sports might look like years from now, it is simple — the possibilities are endless. Nevertheless, the contemporary synergy of technology and sports is beginning to make the possibilities not just endless but unbelievable.

This “unbelievable” future seems to…

Blocksport is an NFT aggregation platform for the sports industry where users can mint, auction and trade sports collectables or fan tokens. …

Blocksport-shaping the future of sport and (e) sports. Aim to build a (e)sports ecology for (e) sports enthusiasts that integrates games,(e)sports NFTs and fan community.

Blocksport community has experienced explosive growth since the launch of Blocksport Genesis NFT. Our Twitter followers reached 46.5k and Telegram followers exceeding 49.5k! …

Reward pool: 10,000 Genesis NFTs and 9000 BSPT tokens
Get up to 1 NFT for participation and additional BSPT bonus for NFTs with special signature

Do 6 Tasks & Get 1 Blocksport Genesis NFT
1. To Follow Blocksport NFT twitter
2. To join the Telegram group
3. To join the…

Genesis NFT Ticket: Blocksport First Loot Box coming soon!

We are thrilled to announce the Blocksport community has experienced explosive growth since the launch of BlocksportNFT.
Our Twitter followers hard reached 27k and Telegram followers exceeding 25k! A huge thank you to all our supporters for your
interest in our vision. In order to show our appreciation, we will…

Blocksport NFT

Founded in 2019, Blocksport is an innovative and leading SportsTech based in Zug, Switzerland.

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