What are the similarities between Blocksport and Facebook’s path to tokenization?

For many, the future can only be captured within the lens of a sci-fi movie or a book predicting the apocalypse. However, the future might be much closer than most people think, it might be just a screen away because, for another demographic of people, the future is virtual. Hence, while companies like Blocksport and Facebook might not seem to have anything in common, on the surface, there are similarities they share in the race of making the future a more virtual reality.

Facebook is an American social networking company under the leadership of Mark Zukerberg and is connected by ownership to Whatsapp and Instagram. On the other hand, Blocksport is a sports-tech company revolutionizing the world of sports and under the leadership of Vladimir Liulka. This leads to the question of what a social networking company and a company dedicated to revolutionizing sports have in common. The answer is quite simple — if the idea of the future was ever in doubt, these two companies share links to tokenization that state otherwise.

Blocksport deals in the virtual space, offering users the opportunity to play games and engage sports electronically while also being a digital market where players can get collectibles in form of non-fungible tokens that aid in building an already budding fan culture. Facebook also recently set up a virtual reality space under the name of Facebook Horizon and offering its users a chance to play virtual reality games designed to be played on its Oculus platform.

Within Blocksport, a virtual space of players; buyers; and sellers exist, with the digital currency of tokens. This has also been replicated in Facebook’s statement of its hope of creating a metaverse where the internet would evolve into a virtual world of sorts, with emphasis on social technology. These penetrations into the virtual market space suggests a future with a possibility of new revenue sources with virtual reality at its core, virtual goods in exchange and a virtual currency in distribution.

Both companies also share similar ideas in terms of the use of a virtual currency within their platforms at one point or currently being used. In the world of Blocksport gaming and the transactions between different users, the major means of exchange is the BSPT, which serves as a token used in the issuance, bidding and auction of sports assets on the site. Facebook’s launch of Libra, although unsuccessful, suggest a push in the direction of a virtual currency that might evolve into a crypto market entry or even the launching of an nft in the long run.

In summation, although Facebook and Blocksport do not share the same ideals or vision at the core, they do share some similarities. While Facebook is dedicated to constantly revolutionizing our approach to communication, Blocksport is consistent in trying to revolutionize our ideas of sports and the virtual possibilities within it. Nevertheless, these two companies share a synergy in their approach to tokenization.




Founded in 2019, Blocksport is an innovative and leading SportsTech based in Zug, Switzerland.

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Blocksport NFT

Blocksport NFT

Founded in 2019, Blocksport is an innovative and leading SportsTech based in Zug, Switzerland.

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