Blocksport might just be growing into the FIFA of the electronic sports space and creating a future where there just might be eolympics for esports. In addition to other esports organisations that have leveraged on its platform, Team Singularity will be joining the Blocksport hall of fame, making it one of the first ever Scandinavian clubs with over 80 players from over 27 countries and active various gaming platforms like PC, console and mobile gaming, to move towards a more innovative, technological and online presence.

Team Singularity was founded in April 2016 and has teams competing in games like Fortnite, CS:GO, League of Legends, Call of Duty and Rocket League, Valorant to mention but a few. As an organisation, they are passionate about developing a successful team with a professional environment in the electronic space. By partnering with Blocksport, to launch its own online platform, Team Singularity would also be placing its nfts exclusively on the Blocksport platform. In other words, fans and followers of Team Singularity can get to own original digital properties like jerseys, videos, pictures, highlights of a sports competition or even the pictures of iconic players from favourite game. Blocksport is a big player on the esport field and synergises this with major ethereum blockchain and binance smart functions and buying or issuing of sports nft assets.

Through this collaboration and the creation of an online platform, Team Singularity would get to leverage on features curated through Blocksports technical know-how such as live data, the latest news on the team’s wins and players, exclusive content that might not be shared on social media platforms, a digital wallet and tokens in form of collectible cards, memorable merchandise and skins, amongst others. The online platform also comes with exclusive opportunities and access to the acquisition of nfts from Team Singularity — from in-games to skin, signed jerseys, signed paintings and other physical memorabilia. The wallet features gives players a chance to experience such. It will also provide a means through which Team Singularity Sponsors can reward loyal die-hard fans with benefits open only within the online space such as discounts on certain games and unique experiences, the opportunity to participate in global fan games and prizes, amongst others.

The idea behind the online application is to create a richer and deeper sense of ownership for the players and to create a sense of belonging that might be missing within the context of esports because it is physical not virtual. In addition to all of the above, Blocksport takes it a step further with amazing digital monetary features like nft that can be used by sports collectors,

Founded in 2019, Blocksport is an innovative and leading SportsTech based in Zug, Switzerland.