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FATE Esports launches fan engagement app with Blocksport

Games no longer have to end as games. Blockbuster movies like Jumanji teach us that the idea of gaming gets more exciting when it seems like it can affect reality and this is what most gaming platforms like Blocksport are trying to achieve through NFTs built on Ethereum blockchain and Binance smart chain with major functions like bidding, auctioning and issuing of sports NFTs assets, all by virtue of gaming.

Yield Guild Games Leads The Path to Decentralized Gaming Communities

In other words, these games that allow players to play and earn are termed Yield Guild Games (YGG) and help in developing a blockchain based economy. These forms of gaming platforms, allowing users to play and earn have taken the world by storm, with a large percentage of traffic coming from third world countries. This suggests that blockchain might be playing a role in the development of these economies, thereby affecting world economy through the digital space.

Furthermore, within a system dedicated to virtual gaming; sports and e-sports, the use of crypto as payment perfectly fits the utility. It reduces the problems of actual cash, fluctuating exchange rates, having to deal with banking systems which engage their services differently in various parts of the world and the likes. Instead, it allows all the players to have a common ground through digital currency. Within the Blocksport gaming platform, the digital currency in use comes in form of tokens, specifically BSPT, allowing gamers to not just play but make winnings and be able get sports assets in the form of collectibles, pictures, merchandise and other items regarded as sport assets.

Premier eSports organization Team Singularity joins gamified sports platform Blocksport

Gaming NFTs and Blocksport NFTs also offer a wide range of opportunities in this sector beyond the access to sports assets, using digital currency. By virtue of NFTs, players now get to own stakes in their favourite video games. In other words, gamers no longer have to just play a game and can now go further to own assets that were previously only available to the developers of the game in question. It creates a sense of belonging and ownership for the players and raises the stakes and the number of profitable opportunities available to the game owners.

An example of a gDEX — AnRKey X™ protocol platform (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange)

Furthermore, these new approach to gaming allows players to be able to sell their earnings from such games whenever they stop, thereby not losing all that they have spent on a game. In simple terms, this implies that these collectibles from sites like Blocksport offer a wide range of possibilities. They do not have to be just collector’s gold that one places as keepsakes in one’s digital vault. It can function as so much more in terms of offering yields too and serving as a form of investment. For example, Blocksport offers an NFT package wherein fans can collect player cards and place stakes on certain teams. In the long run, Blocksport plans to also feature the chance to predict games and place stakes on the predictions in order to gain certain rewards and a loot box NFT that would make the probabilities within the game endless and more exciting.

In conclusion, just playing a game for the fun of it is no longer in vogue. Your passion for gaming can be profitable and you can take the stakes a little higher and enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with it.

Founded in 2019, Blocksport is an innovative and leading SportsTech based in Zug, Switzerland.