MEET Blocksport NFT Club Members: Sport Buff

For sporting events, games, and even festivals, the tradition has always been fans or spectators (as the case may be) being a participant albeit from the stands. On rare occasions are the fans the subject of attention or attraction. And when the story changes and the narration centres on the fans, what could possibly be the outcome and who is bold enough to kick start this?

Cometh the hour, cometh Sport Buff

Over the years, the attention and focus have always been on what a project offers, the Team behind it and other salient points they consider important. However, the trend has changed significantly to favor the consumers in recent times as projects like Sport Buff are increasingly championing the course of engaging the users/fans as the goal of the project among other things it seeks to achieve

Sport Buff is creating the platform for fans to be a part of the thrills and fun of the game. It takes it beyond just watching alone but by being a participant with experience of how the event unfolds. This action was informed by the rise in audience participation and the desire to create unique moments which could all be monetized.

Being a pace setters comes easily for Sport Buff as it has been able to revolutionise the industry through the following key areas; entertainment, completion, localization, engagement among other key attributes and features that distinguish it.

Affirming the growth and popularity of Sport Buff which laid credence to its uniqueness as are the myriad of awards it has won. This included but not limited to Best Fan Engagement Technology, Sports Technology Awards, May 2021, Best Fan Experience, Leader Awards, Best Start-up, WSC Awards.

Blocksport and Sport Buff

Sport Buff has taken the fans’ experience of sporting events higher by joining the NFT revolution. A collaboration with Blocksport will birth this idea. The collaboration with Blocksport will serve many purposes which are not limited to a joint business partnership alone. Also, the teeming fans and users of the Sport Buff platform would have the opportunity to purchase a customized NFT of the platform they love and support when it launches.

“MEET Blocksport NFT Club Members” is a series that made by Blocksport to introduce both Sport and eSport club members. Currently, Blocksport has 12 sport club members and 14 esport club members.

Blocksport is a sports NFT aggregation platform where you can create, issue, and distribute any non-fungible tokens for Sports Collectors. Monetize your fan base via a custom Fan Token Offering. Play to earn with integrated BSPT, NFTs, and Fan Tokens into DeFi games.

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