MEET Blocksport NFT Club Members: Esport team REXPECT

The phrase two heads are better than one has not found a better expression than in the story behind the emergence of Rexpect. The formal birth of Rexpect can be traced to the amalgamation of two previously existing unions who decided to pitch their tents together to achieve and record giant strides together. The outcome of which birthed the esports organization . The year was 2018 and the country was Spain.

Since then, it has been a case of no looking back as the esports organization has grown in leaps and bounds having inculcated team spirit, responsibility, training and respect all putting it on the right track to achieving more.

Alluding to its growth and an ever-expanding community, Rexpect has a team representing it in different esports events like the League of Legends PRO, PUBG Mobile Glamour, PUBG Mobile, Valorant, Rocket League among others.


In a bid to allow the teeming fans of Rexpect have an opportunity to purchase a customized NFT of the club, irrespective of the Club they support in Rexpect, a collaboration has been announced with Blocksport to that effect.

The collaboration which has since kicked off with an airdrop would equally be a joint business partnership as it serves even more purposes.

“MEET Blocksport NFT Club Members” is a series that made by Blocksport to introduce both Sport and eSport club members. Currently, Blocksport has 12 sport club members and 14 esport club members.

Blocksport is a sports NFT aggregation platform where you can create, issue, and distribute any non-fungible tokens for Sports Collectors. Monetize your fan base via a custom Fan Token Offering. Play to earn with integrated BSPT, NFTs, and Fan Tokens into DeFi games.

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Founded in 2019, Blocksport is an innovative and leading SportsTech based in Zug, Switzerland.

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Blocksport NFT

Blocksport NFT

Founded in 2019, Blocksport is an innovative and leading SportsTech based in Zug, Switzerland.

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