Introduction to Blocksport

After the emergence of the pandemic, the media, and sports industry have transformed. The advent of NFTs and the rise of Esports and Video gaming has transformed the gaming industry with more focus shifting to technologies like Non-fungible Tokens(NFTs).

The media industry has been agog with a lot of news ranging from Figma CEO selling his Digital CryotoPunk for $7.5 million, football clubs launching their fan tokens to the record-breaking NFT artwork sold for $69 million by digital artist Beeple.

While some media organizations and sports teams have been able to find their way around making their NFTs and launching their fan tokens, some others have not been so lucky. There is a technical know-how barrier for the companies.

Also, the majority of sports clubs do not have platforms for onboarding, engaging, and monetizing their fans’ community.

Blocksport team aims to solve this major challenge by being the home of sport NFTs online NFT aggregation platform. Also, there are features on the Blocksport platform that support gamification and loyalty rewards programs for fans thereby increasing their engagement with the clubs.

What is Blocksport?

Blocksport is a Sports technology company with a headquarter in Zug, Switzerland. Blockport is building the largest Sports NFTs aggregation platform in the world. Collectibles, merchandise, and other NFTs of sports clubs can be collected by their fans using the NFTs platforms. Also, Blocksport offers an App-as-a-Service platform and launching services for sports clubs, leagues, federations, sports celebrities, and other clients to engage their fans. The platform also collaborates with sports clubs to launch fan tokens for their supporters with the holders having the right to participate in governance. There is also a mobile-based NFTs marketplace where users can buy and sell NFTs.

Our Founders

Vladimir Liulka (CEO and Co-Founder)

Vladimir Liulka is the Co-Founder and CEO of Blocksport. He is a serial entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience and knowledge in Data Analytics and Blockchain.

SemihKacan (Co-Founder and Chairman)

Semih Kaçan is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Blocksport. He has over ten years of experience in consulting and asset management at Credit Suisse and other top firms. He has co-founded and exited two startups.

Alex Honcharuk (CTO)

Alex Honcharuk is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Blocksport. He is experienced in the delivery of technological solutions ranging from Chatbots, Web and Mobile applications to Blockchain-based applications.

Features of Blocksport

Blocksport has various features separating it from its competitors and the features include:

● Network of clients ad reputation
● NFTs Aggregation Platform
● Governance token, BSPT

Blocksport Token (BSPT)

The native utility token of Blocksport is $BSPT. It was initially launched on Ethereum blockchain and subsequently bridged to the Binance Smart Chain to accommodate cheaper transaction fees. BSPT token supports multi-chain usage. It has several use cases some of which include the following:

● Subscriptions and Auctions:
Users can use their BSPT holdings to subscribe and bid for fan tokens.

Farming Rewards:
Blocksport users can farm BSPT token by staking their NFTs and fan tokens.

● NFTs minting:
BSPT staked by users on the platform can be used to mint NFTs of their beloved sports stars and influences.

● Community Governance:
BSPT holders can vote on important decisions on the Blocksport governance and also regulate NFTs creators. They can also determine transaction fees and features on the platform.

Founded in 2019, Blocksport is an innovative and leading SportsTech based in Zug, Switzerland.